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Vinyl #32. 

Artist: Mortal Sin
Album: Mayhemic Destruction (1986) [Lp 12”]



I’ll be hanging out at the @zerofriendsart booth today from 3:30 to 4:30. Come say Yo. I’ll probably have a new drawing to give away. Booth 5502 #zfsdcc

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Destroy, destroy, destroy!

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Moth by Timur Khabirov © (Transparent)

Behance / deviantART

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michael whelan   sacred oath - world on fire

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Vinyl #31. 

Artist: Meliah Rage
Album: Kill to survive (1988) [Lp 12”]

Solitary Suicide


Final Rise of Amon, by Ali Kiani Amin, via CGHub.

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